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Deleuze and Guattari

Smooth/Striated Cyberspace: A compilation of comments on and about the WWW and its relation to D+G's "smooth space."
My article "Virtual Topographies: Smooth and Striated Cyberspace," in Cyberspace Textuality, Ed. Marie-Laure Ryan
        (Bloomington: Indiana UP, 1999)
Pragmatic/Machinic: An Interview with Guattari, conducted by Charles Stivale in 1985.
Deleuze's ABC Primer, also prepared by Charles Stivale
Postscript on the Societies of Control by Deleuze, html-ized by Emma Johnson et al.
Eric Folley's DandGian Page
Deleuze's Tuesday morning lectures from Vincennes St-Denis, courtesy of the Deleuze Web
Detective Deleuze and the Case of the Slippery Sign, by Stephen O'Connell
Here's a short Bibliography of D+G in literary theory
Hakim Bey's D+G-influenced T.A.Z.


Excerpts from America
Le Xerox et l'infini
Baudrillard in Cyberspace: This article originally appeared in Style 29 (1995): 314-327. Keep checking here as I continue to add links.
Virtual Play: Baudrillard Online by Alan Aycock (1993)
UT Arlington's Project Baudrillard
More links to Baudrillard on the Web


CTHEORY Interview
Speed and Information: Cyberspace Alarm!
Shawn Wilbur's Dromologies: Speed, Cinema, and the End of the Political State
A tangent: Futurist Manifestos

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I have a separate page dedicated to various approaches to the study of "cyberculture." Some of them are listed above. Here are a few highlights that relate to some broader theoretical concerns:

A Few Journals

PostModern Culture
The Electronic Journal of Virtual Culture

Links to Other Theory-Driven Homepages and Sites

Spoon Collective Home Page
UVA's Online Scholarship Initiative
U Colorado's Instructional Design Theory Postmodern Thought Page
Steve Shaviro, author of Doom Patrols
Shawn Wilbur, aka bookish
Tim Haslett's Black Cultural Studies Web Site
My Emergent Essays project: complexity theory and culture
Another project by me entitled Time Capsules: Posting Modernism
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