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                              The Twelfth Planet

P.O. Box 22

65012 Cepagatti (PE)


Guys, we are very sad to tell you that we are getting out of business.

There are many sad reasons for this decision. First of everything we have to explain that The Twelfth Planet was never meant to be a full time job for anyone of us. The label was rather meant to be a part-time job taking energy from our enthusiasm, something we liked to do just for passion and not to live out of it. For this reason we all searched for our own full time jobs that now have become something too big, with two of us working out of home in a steady basis for most of the time and the two others basically too overworked to go on alone.

This may be the main reason. But there's more. First of all the scene changed a lot from how we used to know it back in the golden years (that in our opinion is the '89-'94 era). The scene itself is dead, with a worrying lack of new ideas and people losing the underground spirit. In a way, we have been naive and dreamers believing that there was space for an underground label with underground behaviour nowadays. Anyway, everything must come to an end… the underground spirit is gone and our label buried with it.

What about our future…. There's no plan for other activities. This site will remain active for some time with the same stuff it used to feature before, while all our catalogue will be still available with all CDs for sale at low prices (as all we want is to get rid of them) and will be officially sold as used items, even if they are not. For getting the list of CD's and for general inquiry click here and send the e-mail

Nothing else to add. We just thank all the bands we worked with all the all the people who helped us out. It has been an amazing experience, after all.

Thank you

The Twelfth Planet staff
Andrea ,Antonio, Luca and Sebastiano.