Blender : Ldraw Import Script

Last version : 0.04.00
Release Date : 29 august 2004

What is this?

This is a Phyton script plugin for Blender (the open 3D creation suite).
His main task is to import Ldraw DAT files into blender world. Ldraw is a free CAD dedicated to design 3D LEGO models.
This is only a little script and I made this mainly as a Python exercise.
If you want to check other scripts to import Ldraw file check Yann's and Plough's works.

What I need?

To use this script you need:
  1. obviously Blender version 2.33 or newer
  2. and not forget Ldraw. In effect you only need Part library installed.
  3. last but not least you need this script. (zipped file)

ToDo list

  1. Adjust crossed vertex faces
  2. Import       "Line"  ("2") command (if needed)
    "Conditiona-line"  ("5") command (if needed)
  3. Improve colours import: Correct materials and multicolor parts
  4. Usage of Blender 2.34 and improve code

Versions History (& Downloads)

Version 0.04.00 - 29 august 2004 (by Alessandro V. - alv67)
  • MPD (Multi-part DAT) file support

Version 0.03.00 - 18 august 2004
(by Alessandro V. - alv67)
  • Transparent colours
  • Corrected "black" faces by use of "TwoFaces" mesh
  • Totaly rewritted code, introduced two classes LegoFile and LegoObject that contains all the necessary code
  • Eliminated all unneeded string functions using string object methods instead:  string.split() and string.upper()
  • Eliminated all unneeded matrix functions using matrix object methods and functions: (matrix1*matrix2) and VecMultMat1(v,m)

Version 0.02.01 - 09 august 2004
(by Alex Lindeijer)
  • added legocolor to file

Version 0.02.00 - 08 august 2004
(by Alex Lindeijer)
  • - Correct coords: blender (x,y,z)= ldraw(x,z.-y)
  • - no double vertexes
  • - every part and model (in PARTS and MODELS directory is an object)
  • - mesh for same partnumber is reused.

Version 0.01.01 - 04 july 2004 (by Alessandro V. - alv67)
  • Corrected bad rotation and translation of some objects due to a not good code in transposing coordinate system. Now object are imported whith original (Ldraw) axes.
  • Introduced the Split() function and restructured software using this function and deleting CVertex, CValue classes

Version 0.01.00 - 29 june 2004 (by Alessandro V. - alv67)
  • Initial release

Few Lego Technics Part
Few Lego Technics Parts Imported in Blender

Lego CAR
Lego CAR Model rendered in Blender

An MPD (Multi-part DAT) file imported in Blender
MPD (Multi-part DAT) file imported in Blender