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PSX CD Label Project

This is THE BEST source out for GREAT CD-ROM labels. Member ship access cost $1 per month.

The PSX CD Lable Site 

This is a GREAT site for PSX CD labels. This site just went up but I see a lot of potential!


Easy to use search engine to find art work for PSX, Audio CDs, PC, and more...


This is another GREAT site for CD-Rom labels, back covers, & front covers. Must say this is one of the best menu systems I have seen.

The Violator pages

This site is right to the point. There is 13 directories filled with PSX Game covers, clipart original labels. The site seems very up to date with most games.

Hunters Domain

Front, Back & CD images of a large amount of games.

Dunnys Central

Hundreds of labels, front and back covers.

CD Cover Central

Great source for covers. Hundreds of graphic images.

PSX Labels Homepage

Many playstation labels.

Dave's Cheat Page

New page with labels and cheats for games...

Cover Command

Nice site for CD Labels for Audio, PSX and PC CDs.

Banisters PSX Corner

A Good source for covers. Hundreds of graphic images.

Covers Archive

A good place to find hundreds of CD Covers and Labels with a very good menu system.

The PressIT Label Archive

Good amount of miscellaneous labels.

Dimmy's PSX Covers!

Good amount of miscellaneous Covers.

Bald Bouncer's

PSX CD Lables. Very quick site.

Guy's PSX Playstation Labels

Original PSX game labels.

DreamLand CD Covers

Good amount of PSX art (covers & labels).

Kurgan's Scanned CD Covers

A good place to find hundreds of CD Covers.

CD Covers Universe

A good place to find hundreds of CD Covers.


A good place to find NEW covers. All the covers on this site have been alphabetized.

Magnum CD Covers

Thumbnails of all the covers on this page. Only a few though.

PSX Covers by Cyrus

A good place to find hundreds of CD Covers with a great menu system.

PSX Titles List

Covers of many games. Thumbnails in order by date of release.