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The habit of having a small cup of the typical Italian coffee, the real "Espresso", is spreading all over the world. Its name and its flavour is gaining the coffee lovers of every country and typical Italian Cafés begin to appear in every city.

When we say "The Real Espresso Italiano" we mean a craft quality coffee blend prepared by an Italian Master Roaster who chooses the most worthy raw coffees, roasts them at a perfect level and blends them at the exact proportion. Only the experience of such a master can assure a full-bodied, flavoured and balanced blend.

"Espresso Italiano" is the coffee blend produced by the Italian Roasting "Giuliano Coffee" which entirely fulfil this concept. To prepare this blend Giuliano follows a long series of procedures which are the fruits of craft traditions that are handed on from generation to generation and that have contributed to create a veritable culture of the Espresso.

Espresso Italiano is a craft quality blend conceived with particular features to spread abroad the use of the espresso "experience", as it happens in Italy:

  • Sweet and full-bodied like the classic Italian espresso, but not too strong as to satisfy also the pleasure of the consumers used to the weaker instant coffees.
  • Suitable to be prepared with the Espresso Brewer, the Moka Brewer or the Filter Method.
  • With a multilingual packaging which informs about the best way of preparation

"Espresso Italiano" is available , both in beans and ground, in several kind of packaging:

  • 1 kg. (2.2 lb) bag
  • 500 gr. (1.1 lb) bag
  • 250 gr. (8.8 oz.) Can

and is dedicated to particular customer bases:

  • Importers of every country
  • Wholesale traders which deliver to Cafés and Restaurant, Hotels, and retailers or dealing with the household consumption
  • Caterers, companies dealing with beverage vending machines and every other kind of intermediary

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