CONTROLUCE produces "Cub'ART", which consist of a lamp made totally of wood. Since the field of technology has became so widely advanced, we decided to create something where the main function is not only to lighter up an area or room, but to create a subtle light. Cub'ART aims primarily in creating a pleasant atmosphere in a room shouring off the pretty designs on all 4 sides of the lamp.
Our product is ideal as a home ornament which blends in perfectly with any room's furniture.
Cub'ART is a wooden lamp built in a cubic form, with hole-punched figures on each side in order to make light filter through. This cubic formed lamp has a base dimentions of 16x16 cm and the standing cube itself has a wider of 14x14 cm and it's height is 13,5 cm.

Cub'Art light out ... lighted Cub'Art

The hole-punched designs are of different objects and situations which are diverse from one another, making each design unique in it's own way:

Cub Dream

Cub Sea

Cub Sun

Cub Jungle

Personalized the lamps are available by request.
Each lamp cost £ 25.000 (12,91 Euro) plus postage and handling.