Almost 3 years ago, a decided to go in   for holydays with his friends.

He had a good time with his friends, he , he took , he  and he had  in the nights.




In few words, was a very good summer.

But then, it happened something: the met an. When he saw her for the first time, his reaction was .



She was so beautiful and her name was Verena.

The liked very much the since the beginning. He felt that his was  inside.


But the problem was: she was so , her were wonderful, her were so dangerous but so sweet!


She was so beautiful that the felt like a .


But was too late (too late, too late, too late)…his and his were only for the .

When she crossed her in his , he felt so strong, like , and he said: “Ok, I am a , but I will become a


Now, after almost 3 years, the and the are still together and he is so abut this.


Today, 12-03-03 it is the ’s birthday, and with this email, I () want to tell you :




and then I want to tell you that:


I  to with you….


I to you…..


I to  with you

I to  when you


I to eat a with you…


I feel if we have a



I feel if you me….



And I hope soon we will have a , where we can live and watch together.

So, after , I will  to my and we will go to so you can sleep in my .




my love.



 I () would like to sing . I know we are far, but with my and with my  I am always with you.






MY , you are the  for me, and if we will stop our relationship, I will !!!


I you.









If you want, you can send me an email.