The following photo shows three young Trichocereus hybr.respectively 0.5 1.5 and 2.5 years old photographed on april 15 1999 . They were born and have spent the first six months of their life in my heated-box:



      If you want to obtain adult cacti in a shorter time you can graft your seedlings. During Spring I graft a few seedlings on Trichocereus born in the previous years if I have in excess.  





The following photo shows two young Trichocereus hybrid born during October 1998 : the right one was grafted a month before.When a grafted-cactus is enough big you can cut it from its stock (but it is not necessary!) .Generally I keep not more than 3-4 plants of every hybrid, I have not a lot of space,

but it would be better, mainly if you have crossed hybr.x hybr. , to keep more, because they may be varying .The following mathematical model may give you an idea about how speedy growth of Echinopsis is :      

Mathematical Model n.4