Palmento di Gilferraro - Etnalodge 
Mount Etna Nature Park - Sicily                       

    The  “Palmento di Gilferraro”  is an  ancient family wine production factory renovated as a lodge in Mount Etna Nature Park at the foothills  of  Europe’s  largest active  volcano.  It  is  an  ideal resort for romantic tranquility, family vacation, cultural tourism and  trekking  in  Mount  Etna Nature Park.

   Guests are hosted in the South Wing Suite, in the Tower and in the Rooms.

   It is close to Piedimonte Etneo, a rural village of Sicily not far from Taormina and the Mediterranean Sea. The view stretches from the coast of Calabria, to Taormina and the seaport Riposto, and to Mount Etna.

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 people call it an resort, lodge or B&B, others guesthouse or cottage, vacation rental or villa, in Sicily the South tip of Italy.