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Who am I?

Hi, my name is Francesco. I'm 37 years old. As you can probably see, I'm trying (at least!) to learn a bit of java programming and WEB pages. These are my first trial!


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My first motorbike was a Piaggio Vespa PX 125, also called "vespone". A lot of Km, a lot of fun. I was 18 at that time. After two years of happy running, an accident stopped it all (fortunately no great damages to myself) for may years.
In 1997, a new love broke my hart (see this page),  the state of the art of motorcycles: BMW K1. After 3 years, I thought that 360 Kg was not suitable for everyday runs. And also my needs changed to something different. So... 
I switched to a more usable (?) Africa Twin. 
And, look at my next! (probably)
Or, most probably...    
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