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Main Projects


Comerint was founded in 1962. In the early sixties the growing demand for training, caused by the economical and industrial boom in Italy, induced Comerint to design and implement the training projects.
In 1978 Comerint S.p.A., within the ENI Group, was assigned with the mission of transferring the managerial and technological know how by providing training, industrial organization and technical assistance for the operations and maintenance for Oil and Gas processing and transporting facilities.
In 1996, Comerint shares were acquired by the Dietsmann Technologies Group already operating in the field of Global Maintenance and Global Services for the up-stream activities of Oil and Gas Production and Exploitation.


Comerint has the mission of developing human resources and transferring technological and managerial know-how to foster industrial development worldwide.


Comerint WorldWide

Comerint S.p.A. Head Office is in Rome and performs services abroad either directly or through branch offices (in Algeria, Abu Dhabi, Greece and Kazakhstan) or through affiliated companies (in Saudi Arabia).

+39 06 51990 1
+39 06 51990 722
Via Paolo di Dono 223
           00142 Rome - Italy
For General Information: info-it@dietsmann.com
For Sales Informations: Riccardo_Carella@dietsmann.com
For Techncial support: Tech_support@dietsmann.com
Webmaster: Giuseppe_Bellantoni@dietsmann.com


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