I.L.I.A. Italian Lake Islands Award The I.L.I.A. (Italian Lake Islands Award) is issued by Crazy Dx Group for the purpose of promoting and encouraging activities from Italian lake islands and acquainting OM and SWLs with their beauties, landscapes and their natural and historical peculiarities. POINTS ------ The award is available to any OM and SWL who has made QSO/HRD with different Italian lake islands (since January 1st 1998): - BASIC AWARD - EUROPEAN OM/SWL: 5 QSO/HRD WITH DIFFERENT REFERENCES OUTSIDE EUROPE OM/SWL : 3 QSO/HRD WITH DIFFERENT REFERENCES - HONOUR ROLL - EUROPEAN OM/SWL: 10 QSO/HRD WITH DIFFERENT REFERENCES OUTSIDE EUROPE OM/SWL: 6 QSO/HRD WITH DIFFERENT REFERENCES ISLAND EXPEDITIONERS: 7 ACTIVITIES FROM DIFFERENT REFERENCES Contacts made via land-repeaters are not valid. APPLICATIONS ------------ The award fee is 15.000 Italian lire or $10 US. When the HONOUR ROLL requirement has been achieved (only available after the basic award has been claimed), a special plaque (fee: 35.000 Italian lire or $21 US) will be sent if requested. It is not necessary to have QSL card confirmations. Applications, accompanied by complete details (callsign, date, UTC time, band, mode, island reference), should be sent with your address and callsign to: CRAZY DX GROUP - P.O. BOX 11 - 04011 APRILIA (LT) - ITALY IMPORTANT NOTES --------------- VALID ACTIVITIES To be valid for the I.L.I.A. award, an activity from the islands has to be validated by the Crazy Dx Group Committee. Expeditioners must make at least 100 QSOs (this requirement is only for the HF award) and must also send a copy of the log (on paper, floppy disk or by email to crazy@grisnet.it) to the Committee. To encourage activities to make many QSOs over a long period, if an expeditioner operates from more than one island on the same day only the first one will be considered valid. Copies of logs must reach the Crazy DX Group within 2 months of the expedition. The Crazy DX Group will use data from the logs of expeditioners for checking all the BASIC AWARD and HONOUR ROLL applications (for this reason it is not necessary for applicants to have qsl cards). The Crazy Dx Group will periodically publish in its bulletin and on its internet site the list of expeditions which have been recognized as valid for the award. In case of dispute, the decision of the founder members of the Crazy DX Group will be final. OFFICIAL ISLANDS' LIST The I.L.I.A. official list of islands or rocks valid for the award is constantly updated by the Crazy DX Group. For a new reference request, it is necessary for the island or rock to be located in an Italian lake, and to be completely above water at all times of the day. When an island is linked by a bridge, it is necessary for water to flow under the bridge at all times. The island must be also shown, with its name, on an official map. If the island is shown on the map but not named, the name should be deducible from other documents or publications. All requests for new references must be sent to the Crazy Dx Group with a a copy of the map on which the island is shown; a picture of the island showing that it is separated from the mainland; and all its data (name of the lake, name of the island, geographical coordinates and the Italian province to which it belongs). Activities from islands which do not yet have an officially recognized reference will not be validated even after the reference has been issued. OFFICIAL SOFTWARE Official I.L.I.A. software will be available as soon as possible and the the Crazy DX Group will advise when the first release will be ready in its bulletin and on its internet site. RESULTS The I.L.I.A. position listing will be published periodically with the callsigns of all the participants who have reached or exceeded the minimum requirement for the basic award. Any request to update your score in the listing (free) should be sent (with the same rules of the basic award) by postal mail or internet e-mail to: crazy@grisnet.it DX EXPEDITIONERS CATEGORY For this category, in addition to the special Honour Roll available for those expeditioners who have activated at least 7 different islands, their position listing will be constantly updated. The listing will only include activities made from islands meeting the above rules. I.L.I.A. Italian Lake Islands Award - OFFICIAL REFERENCES LIST (16/10/98) Each reference is identified by three letters which indicate the Italian region to which they belong, followed by a two-digit number). Note: Lago = Lake PIEMONTE PIE-01 San Giulio Island (Lago d'Orta) PIE-02 Pescatori Island (Lago Maggiore) PIE-03 Bella Island (Lago Maggiore) PIE-04 San Giovanni Islet (Lago Maggiore) PIE-05 Madre Island (Lago Maggiore) PIE-06 Le Prigioni Rock (Castelli di Cannero) (Lago Maggiore) PIE-07 Innamorati Rock (Lago Maggiore) PIE-08 Del Castello Islet (Castelli di Cannero) (Lago Maggiore) PIE-09 Melgonaro Rock (Castelli di Cannero) (Lago Maggiore) LOMBARDIA LOM-01 Comacina Island (Lago di Como) LOM-02 Virginia Islet (Lago di Varese) LOM-03 Siviano or Monte Isola Island (Lago d'Iseo) LOM-04 Loreto Islet (Lago d'Iseo) LOM-05 San Paolo Islet (Lago d'Iseo) LOM-06 Garda Island (Lago di Garda) LOM-07 Altare Rocks (Lago di Garda) LOM-08 San Biagio Island (Lago di Garda) LOM-09 Partegora Islet (Lago Maggiore) LOM-10 Cipressi Island (Lago di Pusiano) VENETO VEN-01 Sogno Island (Lago di Garda) VEN-02 Olivo Island (Lago di Garda) VEN-03 Trimelone Island (Lago di Garda) UMBRIA UMB-01 Maggiore Island (Lago Trasimeno) UMB-02 Minore Island (Lago Trasimeno) UMB-03 Polvese Island (Lago Trasimeno) LAZIO LAZ-01 Bisentina Island (Lago di Bolsena) LAZ-02 Martana Island (Lago di Bolsena) SARDEGNA SAR-01 Monte Paza Island (Lago Omodeo) SAR-02 Lago Alto Island (Lago Alto del Flumendosa) PUGLIA PUG-01 San Clemente Island (Lago di Lesina) CRAZY DX GROUP P.O. BOX 11 04011 APRILIA (LT) ITALY email: crazy@grisnet.it web: http://www.grisnet.it/crazy