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Nature and sun - Seaside and countryside resort

The sun of the south of Italy, the most uncontamineted sea which washes our coasts, the millenary ruins of the south which testify history and civilization, the most genuine food, a disceet and warm welcome.
All this is for you if you will decide to spend one week or more in "La LISTA", a farm for your holiday on the sea, located in Amendolara Marina, in the heart of the Italian Ionian coast.

"La Lista" offers, according to a new way of making holidays, a typical farm with the large country-house and the farmhouses restructureted and made suitable to meet a choice tourism requirements.
And many parks and gardens. With the sea, five hundred metres away, offering many kilometres of public beach, mostly gravelly, in a dry and salubrious air, you will enjoy the countryside choosing every morning the fruits of the earth from the kitchen-garden, taking eggs from the poultry-pen, taking fruits unique in flavour and sweet smell from the trees and then bathing in the warm water of the Ionian Sea.

For the skilled sports fishers, six miles out at sea there is "Banco di Amendolara", a shoal abounding in fish, a destination longed by the rod lovers and by the most clever skin-divers (for a better knowledge watch the Italian chart n. 26).
Not skilled fishers, going away from the shore by rubber boat for few hundred metres, will be in waters rich of fishes from the bottom like mackerels, horse mackerels, pectens.

Amendolara is an archaeologic area and offers finds of exceptional beauty of the fifth and sixth century B.C. largely kept in the modern National Museum recently opened in the village.
At the end of July and the beginning of August a chamber music Festival takes place in La Lista called "MUSICAMARE" held by the famous "Philarmonic Society Soloists of Scala of Milan".
If you want to stay in Amendolara and move from there for plaisant "walks" you will have too much to choose from. At 20 kilometres there is Sibari, with its archaeologic finds (and a very important museum), which make of it a touristique destination of great importance. At 50 kilometres there is Metaponto with the Greek temple and another archaeologic museum. With an hour of driving you will reach Matera with its famous "Sassi", the old city dug in the tufa; and Taranto, the city of the two seas. Always in an hour you will reach Sila mountains or Pollino Park - more than 1700 metres high - with the famous "pine armed with a cuirasse" - whose slopes show wonderfull views of the nature like "Gole del Raganello" or charming places like the Santuary of Madonna delle Armi and, in the woods, there is plenty of mushrooms. In more than an hour you are in Padula, which has maybe the most beautiful Carthusian Monastery in Italy.

About sixty kilometres (fourty five minutes of driving) separate Amendolara from one of the most beautifull villages in the South Italy: Altomonte. Altomonte is the centre of artistic arts and crafts; every year it organizes the popular "Festival of the two Seas" where, in the magnificience of an open-air amphitheatre set among the houses, the most prestigious Italian prose, light opera, variety, classical and light music artists perform.
In less than twenty minutes from La Lista you reach: Oriolo and its castle, in an old historical centre perfectly kept and made the most of; Straface and Castroreggio forests, one thousand metres high, are the destination of pleasant excursions in the warmest days; Rossano, with its Byzantine ruins and the incomparable "Purple Code"; the Cerchiara therapeutic mud-baths.
For the folklore lovers there are the numerous and nearby Albanian villages, which keep their usages and customs untouched.

At four kilometres there is Roseto-Capo Spulico with the charming Federiciano Castle, vertically on the sea, where recently an open-air amphitheatre has been set, just within the walls, to receive artistic performances in summer time; at nine kilometres there is Trebisacce, an important centre (hospital, banks, supermakets) and a fishing port, where every evening people are used to wait, on the wharf, for the fishers boates to buy the savoury Ionian living and inexpensive fish.
All this is for an alternative holiday.

La Lista may accomodate both big families, which might use the large spaces of the country-house, and small families which might stay in the farmhouses with 2, 3, or 5 beds and with the ordinary comforts (kitchen, fridge, water heater).
Just like an hotel La Lista offers the linen and, on request, a cleaning service. Moreover, if you wish, it will be possible to have breakfast and the other meals in the restaurant even if you have not decided for bed and board. The bar is opened from the morning. The choise of the food has to meet high quality standard. It mostly come from the farm production.
In the resort there are: a garden for the chidren, a ping-pong, a bowls course, a volley-ball ground, and, if you wish, it will be possible to go for a cycle or a horseback ride. For young people the discotheques are few kilometres away.

You may reach La Lista by car running along the motorway called "autostrada del sole" coming from the north and going out at Sibari; once arrived at Sibari, going through a speedway, take the Ionian S.S. 106 towards Taranto and after 20 kilometres you will be in Amendolara. From Rome it takes about 4 houres and half.
Always from Rome - Tiburtina Railway Station - every day two S.A.I. coaches ( around 7 a.m. and 3 p.m.) get to Amendolara Marina in five hours and half. To go back the schedule is the same. Yoy may book both from Rome at the Tiburviaggi (+39.06.4402687) and from Amendolara at Ionia Travel - Trebisacce - (+39.0981.500777). You may buy the tickets in the coach.
The nearest airports are in Lamezia Terme, Bari and Bridisi. By previous telephone agreement a car will pick you up at the airport and take you straight away to Lista. Given the distance from the airports (about two hours by car) travelling by plane is convenient only for people living far away.


Information and booking:

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In summer time: Amendolara Marina telephone +39.0981.915445
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For the accomodation in winter, spring and autumn, you would better telephone
+39. 06. 3610333 (also fax).

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