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Bernard Joseph Francis Lonergan (1904 -1984), Canadian, is probably the most meaningful thinker of the century both for the amplitude of the inquired fields, and for the result caught up in the field of theology, of philosophy (in the theory of knowledge and of the methodologies of the various field of the knowledge) and the general theory of economy.

He was born in Canada (Backingham, P.Q.) on the 17 December 1904. At the end of the advanced medium studies he entered in the Company of Jesus, on the 29 July 1922. From the autumn of 1926 he studied scholastic philosophy at the college of Heythrop in England for four years while he prepared a bachelor's degree in Latin, Greek and mathematics at the University of London. It was a "general degree", a providential one because it gave him the instruments for the deepening of the ancient philosophy, and also the mastery of the mathematics, that will subsequently allow him to analyze the methodological aspects of the most various scientific fields, from physics, to logic, to the macroeconomic theory. He studied theology at the Gregoriana University of Rome, where he obtained the doctorate in 1940. In the same university he was called at the chair of dogmatic theology in 1953. From the summer 1965, because of a serious surgical operation, he left the instruction at Rome and remained at the Boston College in Massachuset until 1983, publishing, beyond to written others (apart other minor works), "Method in Theology" in 1972, and holding short courses in the US and Canada. He died at Pickering, near Toronto on the 26 November 1984.

(In Italian, about the life and the work of B.Lonergan, we recommend: Hugo A.Meynell, Bernard Lonergan, ed.San Paolo, 1994, pp.270, 32,000Lit. Frederick E. Crowe, Bernard J.F.Lonergan, progresso e tappe del suo pensiero, ed. Citta` Nuova, pp.192, 25,000Lit.).

Internet Sites:

The Lonergan Web site, with sends back to sites of the US, Canada, England and Australia:

Lonergan Institute for the "Good Under Construction", Washington, D.C. :

Publication of the Opera Omnia (in course) at the University of Toronto Press: The UTP has published up to now the following volumes out of the 21 volumes in program:

1. Grace and Freedom: Operative Grace ub the Thought of St. Thomas Aquinas

2. Verbum. Word and Idea in Aquinas

3. Insight. To Study of Human Understanding

4. Collection

5. Understanding and Being

6. Philosophical and Theological Papers

7. The Ontological and Psychological Constitution of Christ

10. Topics in Education

15. Macroeconomic Dynamics: An Essay in Circulation Dynamics

18. Phenomenology and Logic

21. For a New Political Economy

Main works published in Italian translation:

L'intelligenza. Studio sulla comprensione dell'esperienza, trans. of Insight by Carla Miggiano di Scipio, ed. San Paolo, Alba,

Grazia e Libertà. La grazia operante nel pensiero di S. Tommaso, Editrice Università Gregoriana, Roma 1970.

Il metodo in Teologia, ed. Queriniana, Brescia 1975.

Conoscenza e Interiorità. Il Verbum nel pensiero di S. Tommaso, EDB, Bologna 1984.

Ragione e fede di fronte a Dio, ed. Queriniana, Brescia 1977.

From 1993 the publishing Citta` Nuova has begun the publication in Italian translation of Lonergan`s Opera Omnia. Up to now they have been published three volumes: Comprendere ed Essere (1993), Sull'educazione (1999) and Il metodo in Teologia (2001).

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