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Sim Outhouse Mall

General sites about flight simulators


Large repository of files, also provides forums and other services.


Large repository of files, also provides forums and other services.


Large repository of files, also provides forums and other services.

CFS Forums

CFS IP Games

Dedicated to CFS IP games, also general and technical forums.

Netwings Forums

Dedicated to CFS, FS and IL-2, general and technical forums.

Sim-Outhouse Forums

Dedicated to CFS and IL-2, general and technical forums.

Add-on Aircrafts

Duxford Legends

Legends from the past (replicas of some restored aircrafts).

I Soliti 4 Gatti

Italian aircrafts, mainly for CFS1.

The Hangar

Aircrafts for CFS1 and CFS2 (and other simulators), masterpieces of Airbuddha here.

VB Planes

Beautiful aircrafts, U.S. and Japanese, also a FS2K section.


Aircraft of the Aces

Skins, as the site name says.

Aluminum Cloud

Skins, the site name is meaningful ...


Skins for famous squadrons (Blacksheep, Jolly Rogers, VF-3, ...).

Titus Home Page

Skins for Japanese squadrons and aces.

Welcome to NeoStuey's

Skins for U.S. and Japanese aircrafts.

Mods, tools and other

714th Flight Test Center

Home of the Assembly Line Process for 1% flight models.

Coolknight's CFS2 add-on page

Gun fixes and air files for different versions of aircrafts (Zeros, P38's, ...).

Ghost Files

Effects and other. Also stuff for Jane's sims.

Nibbio's CFS2 page

Many mods (ground troops!) by him, also maintains a collection of tips and a wish list.

Spinny's Web Strand

Various stuff. CFS2 mods under the /stuff directory.

Historical and technical info

The Air War Over Pacific

Historical and technical data about Midway, Coral Sea and Pearl Harbor battles.

The Aviation History On-line Museum

Historical and technical data.

U.S. Navy History

Official historical and technical data about U.S. Navy.

World War 2 Timeline

A day by day history of WWII.

World War 2 Warbirds

Technical data about WWII aircrafts.

WWII Ace Stories

Lot of stories. Some by the aces themselves.

Aircraft pages

Luftwaffe Resource Page

A site that covers all aspects of Luftwaffe from 1935 to the present.

Home of the Memphis Belle

A page about the first B-17 crew that completed 25 mission.

P-38 Lightning: Online

A P-38 devoted site, development, theaters, aces, and much more.

Spitfire and Messerschmitt Bf 109

A site devoted to two of the most famous planes of ETO.

The effect of P-51 ...

A paper about the contributions of the P-51 in WWII.

The P-51 Mustang

Data, pictures, and stories about the North American P-51.

Whistling Death

A site dedicated to the F4U Corsair. Technical data, history, painting schemas, ...


A site for PBY Catalina enthusiasts and researchers.

These are some of the links I collected. I decided to share them because I think it may be useful.
Inside the sections, links are listed in alphabetic order.
The list is not complete, nor it aims to be a fair review of the referred sites. If you want to be removed, just write me (Nanni).

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