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This site is dedicated to ASL (Advanced Squad leader) and, above all, to SASL (Solitaire Advanced Squad Leader). SASL is a great game but I think it still needs more stuff. You are encouraged to send me your considerations, missions, rule changes or whatever else you like about SALS. I will be very pleased to them online and make them accessible to the ASL community.

Here you will also find some stuff about SASL that I developed myself. Anything you will find here can be freely downloaded and distributed. Any comments will be very appreciated. The site is still very small but I do hope to see it grow in the near future (and possibly to update it frequently).

SASL rules addenda - changes New!

Download the Rule Extension Pack! It provides additon and changes to the original SASL rules. The Rules Extension Pack is provided in Adobe Acrobat format. It features:

Download NOW the Rule Extension Pack (version 2 of 03/06/2000). Size 25 Kb.

SASL Missions

Go to the Custom Mission Page to see what's new.
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SASL Companies - SASL Tables

Check out new companies and generation tables here.

Useful ASL/SASL stuff

Empty for the moment.

ASL Links

Links to my favourite ASL sites.

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