Center West


Sa Jara - Tuili - CA   Site Perfomance

Take off Orientation S, easy

Landing Wide fields under take off

Top to Bottom 250 Mt

The Flight Thermal and thermodynamic flight, in absolute our preferred flight for the regularity of the conditions and its possibilities.La jara is a 10Km plateau , with a medium unevenness of approximately 200 Mt.We fly therefore with 15- 25 Kmh of wind from S, SE, SW, that allows us soaring to find the right thermal just for the long round-trip to Albajara. All the zone is cultivated to wheat. .A meeting point during week end.

How to get there. Once you arrived in Tuili follow the signs for the "Jara" plateau. Right beyond the village you cross a little bridge and on the same road you arrive to the top of the plateau.About 500Mt before the top where you find a parking is the take off place. It,s not big and allows only one take off a time.Please remember to park your car properly and leave space to coaches and cars.



Pauli Arbarei - CA

Take off Orientation W-SW-NW, large take off area

Landing Wide fields below

Top to Bottom 80, 100 Mt.

The Flight Used as practice field, there are two fliyng sites on 500Mt distance between one another, the first one has an esposition to w-SW wind , the second one has an espositio to W-NW wind. Easy flight for soaring along the hills and sometime you can catch the right thermal on the grain fields.

How to get there You can reach the first site driving along the road between Pauli Arbarei and Tuili.After 3 Km from the village you turn right on a country road, follow the road and you'll be there.For the second take off you follow the same road between the village, but turn right on country road after about 4 Km from the village..