Nord Ovest


La Siesta - Alghero - SS   Site Perfomance

Take off Orientation W-NW, easy

Landing Beach o fields below take off

Top To Bottom 400 Mt

The Flight Wonderfull site in front of the "Speranza" beach on a 30 km falesia the goes from Alghero o Bosa.Its west orientation allows you to fly nearly every day soaring or for the ones who like adventure, thermalling during nice day straight to Bosa.

How to get There From Alghero, follows the signs to Villanova Monteleone or Discoteque "La Siesta". Few Km after the discoteque at the end of a straight road toward south and a sudden turn on the right you can see a wide clean field on the right hand side , park your car and follows the footpath on the field on your right for about 200 Mt.direction NW. Pass a rudimental gate, you should see a pole on top of take off area with a wind-sock on it.


Punta Palai - Bolotana - NU

Take off Orientation SE, easy

Landing Fields below take off, easy top-landing

Top To Bottom 800 Mt

The Flight Very difficult to find the right conditions to fly over Punta Palai because of the sea-breeze that come from NW .If you get a chance to fly be prepare for long distance flight. Punta Palai is right in the middle of a 50 Km chain of mountain from 900 to 1200 meters of height. Difficult to reach, guide needed.