Center East

Sadali - Flumendosa Lake - NU

Take off Orientation W-SW, easy

Landing Dry lake below take off, if lake is full top-landing only

Top to Bottom 450 Mt

The Flight Recently discovered this beautifull place in the middle of the mountain is very easy to reach. Placed at the south side of Gennargentu where the mountains begin. In front of take off there is Flumendosa Lake (middle), dryed for most of the year that makes of it a huge landing field . At the back of it monte S.Vittoria 1200 Mt. At the back of this mountain is "barbagia" a semi desertic wild area of mountains with few roads and village around. All this makes the site fascinating and an uncomparable flight area, both for adventure lovers and safe flyers who love to have always a landing field below themi. Few flights made up now have seen big heights and distance around 30/50 Km up to Villagrande Strisaili direction N-NE.

Monte Ortobene - NU

Take off Orientation S-SE, easy

Landing Wide field below take off

Top to Bottom 500 Mt

The flight Monte Ortobene is placed right out Nuoro outskirts,easy to reach from the town with a well paved road. Take off is 10Mt down the road in the middle of the bushe, 200mt after the restaurant.A thermic flight to avoid whit strong meteo winds. Landing is wide but become a little turbulent during summertime warmest hours .


Punta Corrasi - Oliena - NU

Take off Orientation NW, easy

Landing Several fields next to the village

Top to Bottom 600 Mt

The Flight Wounderfull flight over a calcareous mountain 10Km long, that goes NW from Oliena to the east coast of Sardinia and SW to the mountains of Orgosolo.To reach the take off place follow the sign from Oliena for Monte Maccione and the Hotel Enis that is right on the road to the take off only 2Km away from it.Here you can find a restaurant, pizzeria,camping and an organization for trekking and outdoor activities.

La Caletta - Siniscola - NU

Take off Orientation S

Landing Fields below or beach if you can reach it

Top to Bottom 200Mt.

The Flight Soaring flight in front of the sea at about 500Mt from it on a hill called Monte Longu, spectacular flight and good conditions especially on evening.To reach take off follow the sign from"la caletta" beach for Monte Longu and the restaurant "L'Aragosta". Take off ground can be not very clean.


Gavoi - NU

Take off Orientation NW, easy

Landing Field next to the lake shore not visible from take off

Top to Bottom 250Mt.

The Flight. Take off is placed over a mountain facing the village easy to recognize from the aerials on top of it.The rocky mountain allows you to fly thermals all year round, best hours afternoons, avoid strong meteo winds.The near lake and the rounding Gennargentu's mountains, make of it a pleasant place to stay whit friends and family.


Urzulei - Nu

Take off Orientation S-SE, easy

Landing Field in the middle of the valley, well visible from top.

Top to Bottom 550 Mt.

The Flight. We have two take off places: Punta Orotecannas (1089), Monte Pisaneddu (1254). A pretty thermal flight very strong during warmest hours due to valley heatingt. Landing is placed over a private field in the middle of the valley. A big plateau on top of the muontain will allows you an easy top landing.