Sud Ovest


Marganai - Iglesias - CA   Site Perfomance

Take off Orientation S, easy/technical

Landing Wide fields below take off

Top to Bottom 600 Mt

The Flight Exclusively on thermal, morning flight to start before the sea breeze from the west make take off and flight difficult.Good cross possibilities


Portoscuso - CA

Take off Orientation NW, technical

Landing Top landing only

Top to Bottom 50Mt circa

The Flight Soaring over this 3 Km cleefs in front of the sea is never been so easy, apart from take off, very difficult with strong wind and a 90° slope.You can stay here for hours flying till down arrive.


Buggerru - CA

Take off Orientation W-NW,easy

Landing Beach

Top to Bottom 400 Mt

The Flight Apart from a dirty take off, the flight is unique.This is the place where mountains and sea meat each others in a mixturte of colors from green to deep blue of the sea.Avoid landing on the beach if crowded, plenty of fields next to it.



Gonnosfanadiga - CA   Site Perfomance

Take off Orientation NW, easy

Landing Field on the right of take off, not visible from the top of the mountain

Top to Bottom 400 Mt.

The Flight Thermal and soaring especially in the afternoon, big mountains behind take off.Good for cross country


Gutturu de Flumini - Marina di Arbus - CA

Take off Orientation NW, easy

Landing Beach below take off or field on left side about 500mt

Top to Bottom 150 Mt

The Flight Placed on the wilde side of the island with long beaches e few tourists is o good site for soaring along the hills and relaxing on the beach


Scivu beach - Fluminimaggiore - CA

 Take off Orientation W, easy

Landing Beach below take off, all along the flight

Top to Bottom 20/30Mt.

The Flight Few kilometers from Gutturu de Flumini is Scivu Beach a long reef allows you to fly from morning to night all along the beach. Take off is on a sandy dune, is pure soaring all day. You will need a strong wind and good skills of reverse take off techniqe, once in the air enjoy yourself with the wind.A bit difficult to reach, there are not much signs on the road.