Sud Est

Conca Arrubia -Villasimius - CA

Take off Orientation SE, easy

Landing Field below take off

Top to Bottom 200 Mt.

Il volo Nice place near one af the best beaches of Sardinia thermalling and soaring you con enjoy a beautifull panorama.Nice place to stay with your family.


Solanas - CA

Take off Orientation W-SW, technical

Landing Beach

Top to Bottom 50 Mt.

The Flight A perfect soaring flight with strong wind 20/25 kmh, the beach in front of take off make it one of the perfect spot for the summer.


Guasila - CA

Take off Oorientation SW-W-NW

Landing Wide fields below take off

Top to Bottom 300 Mt.

TheFlight Perfect soaring flights the best for teaching, here you have a wide take off, easy top landing, you can really enjoy yourself here,playing with the wind.


Bruncu Salamu - Dolianova - CA

Take off Orientation S-SW, easy

Landing Little road inside the valley below take off,highly technical

Top to Bottom 400 Mt.

The Flight Placed over the mountainsat NE of Dolianova this site can be very hard during summertime for its narrows valley and the rocks on the slopes. But if you avoid the warmest hours it can give you hours of good flying.