We address national and international companies, chains of shops and shopping centres, agencies etc. Our company, formed by experienced people in radio and new media, creates broadcasting radio stations meant for groups and firms and satellite widespread in Europe.Through this new media shopping centres can reach the houses of millions of qualified consumers making people listen to a radio which possesses their own name and brand name, their own jingles and their exclusive advertising. The radio itself, besides, could be broadcasted inside sales points improving their image and quality. Digiradio sophisticated digital equipment can carry out very quickly any radio plan by means of a careful survey on the most suitable radio format for the intended customer. Our tv department creates, starting from the technical planning and the study of the various commercial strategies, personalized satellite and internet tv which broadcast in analogic way in Europe.

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Digiradio by digiwork srl
Strada statale 11
Trecate (No) - Italy
Tel. +39 321 71642

Digiradio: internet & satellite radio and tv stations
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