Please tell me if you know how to improve it in any way.

As in Wizard Spell Compendium there already is a spell named as I intended to call this one I changed its name in:

Blood is life, DRINK IT!


School: Alteration, Necromancy

level: 4th

range: touch

components: V,S,M

casting time: 5 (+ 6/creature)

duration: 1 hour/level

area of effect: 60 ft radius + 1 creature/3 levels

saving throw: none ( special )

This spell produce in the area of effect a black Necromantic light coming from the recipient(s). This blacklight is invisible in all but bright sunlight, and even then only as a slightly darker area (there's only a 5% to notice it and ONLY if the observer states that he is looking for something strange).

Zio's Blacklight has the following effects:

1) It makes the recipient see ( as in a photo negative ) within the A.o.E. even in complete or magical Darkness,or other spells affecting light ( wall of fog and similar spells that impair vision in a physical way, work normally against this spell).

2)It protects the recipient from the penalties deriving from direct sunlight or the various light spells striking the eyes (this is because the recipient is actually blind to normal light while under this spell, even infravision is negated)

3) It makes possible to see invisible creatures / things who fail a S.T. vs spell (made without any modifier and made by the creature/ wizard who cast the invisibility) when first entering the A.o.E. A failed S.T. means that the caster didn't succeed in "manipulating" that particular "negative" light as he does with positive light.

4)It makes possible to recognize illusions (much in the same way it does for invisibility).

This spell acts on the body and objects of the recipient (to make them produce the blacklight) and on his eyes (to make him see it).

WARNING: As each person under the spell produces his own "frequence" of light and his eyes are attuned to that one only, two or more people under the same spell CAN SEE THEMSELVES ONLY IF THEY REMAIN WITHIN THE 60 FEET RADIUS (I mean: you cannot see in another's blacklight, even if it comes from the same casting).

This "negative light" behaves similarly to normal light, but it's reflected better by black polished object than by mirrors. It doesn't give any penalty to the actions that require an optimal vision (such as reading/writing, pick locks,etc... )

Material components for this spell are: a pinch of phosphorescent moss, a pinch of coal both of which are to be mingled with a drop of the recipient's blood. The resulting compound must be swallowed by the subject.

Zio's blacklight can be ended only using one dispel magic per person affected.

This spell was first created by a Necromancer who worked on rare spell components that got ruined in normal light and had therefore to work in a continual darkness spell. The other *qualities* of this spell went out later, when that same mage used the spell against an illusionist who liked to blind him with massive uses of continual light and light spells (Zio's blacklight could also temporary overcome the effect of the *blindness* spell, DM's discretion).

As this spell conveys the "Sight of the Dead", if you are running Ravenloft the perusal of this spell may require a Madness check, D.M.'s opinion.

I created this spell especially for Necromancers, but almost anyone can use it. Something can be wrong with it, but I think this is a quite useful spell if used with imagination.

That's it, what do you think, is it worth using? I'm waiting comments and suggestions.

There even is the continual version of this spell, it is a sixth level spell and the only two things that change from the version above are the duration (1 DAY/level) and the range, (range=0, meaning that the caster may cast this spell only on himself).

Other spells I've craeted modifying existing spells:

I see you!


Blood is life, DRINK IT!


School: Invocation/Evocation (Elemental Air)

Level: 3rd

Range: 10 yards + 10 yards/level

Components: V,S,M

Casting Time:3

Duration: Instantaneous

Area of Effect: 20 feet radius

Saving Throw: 1/2

Frostball creates a small ball of frost (4 inches diameter) that moves quickly towards the point selected by the caster, there, if within range, it explodes inflicting 1d4+1 H.P. of damage for every level of the caster in a twenty feet radius to any living creature in the area of effect (maximum damage is 10d4+10). Furthermore the cold generated by the spell may freeze small objects ( those up to 2 cubic feet for each 6 levels of the caster). Frozen objects stick tightly to anything they touch during the 1rd/6 caster levels after the explosion of the Frostball.


Blood is life, DRINK IT!


School: Alteration (Elemental Water)

Level: 5th

Range: Touch


Casting Time: 1

Duration: Special

Area of Effect: One Creature up to size L

Saving throw: None

This Spell is the Ice Paraelementalist's version of the Stoneskins.

It creates a number of ice layers (1d4' +1 for every level multiple of 2) directly on the skin and objects worn by the target of the spell, blocking any phisical attack, but incapable of protecting from magical attacks .Each layer of Ice blocks only one attack and then disappears. Though it has effects similar to those of the Stoneskin, there are a few differences:

The duration of the spell is 12 hours only, at best, but it also grants a bonus to the saving throws against fire (+2), moreover multiple casting of this spell on the same target are cumulative (but it isn't cumulative with the Stoneskin spell) though not without risk. Each time the spell is cast on a subject alredy under the protection of an Ice Coat there is a CUMULATIVE 33% that the subject will be affected as per cone of cold with NO saving throw and receive a damage equal to 1d4 H.P. for each Ice Layer left on him (i.e. a 14th wizard casting this spell on himself once will be protected against 8-11 phisical attacks, if he casts the spell twice he will be protected against 16-22 attacks but he is risking a Cone of Cold doing 16d4+16-22d4+22 H.P. of damage!). Useless to say that the fourth time the target receives the spell, without making the others expire the results -may- be quite devastating!


Death Dealer