This is a class I've created for a player who wanted to play something "intriguing", and it's, basically, a stretching of the ravenloft rules on madness (multiple personality).

The "base" class I used was a thif kit taken from the "Complete book of Gnomes and Halflings" (as this kit was for an halfling, but any kit will do, as long as it doesn't give too many advantages). The "base" personality is the "original" one, then come the others. In my particular P.C. the other personalities are:

A lawful Good Paladin (whose only power is a Strenght boost while in danger: +1d6 str for 2d4 rds, thereafter the "Paladin" must rest for double that amount of time)

A Lawful Neutral Anchorite priest, (whose only power is the turn undead ability as a priest 3 levels lower)

A Chaotic Neutral Psionicist (whose only power is taken from the wild talent table each time this personality manifests itself, and whose PSPs are but 4 per level)

The personality shift is so regulted:

Each time the Carachter wakes up or is subject to a fear-horror check there is a personality shift: the player must roll 1d10 to see wich personality takes control of the body.

1-4 = "base" personality;5-6 = paladin;7-8 = priest;9-0 = psionic

The odd thing is that each personality has its own mental stats (Intelligence, wisdom and charima), while body stats (Strenght, dexterity and constitution) remain the same.

Each time there is an horror/fear check (and a personality shift) the upcoming personality must make another check if the situation still demands it, so it's possible that All the personalities in the P.C. are affected in different ways by one only event. The P.C. stops rolling checks whenever a personality that already checked comes up again.

Bloodstained Carachter Sheet

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I meant to write down another class but Dragon magazine told me I can't write here the article I used to create it, so you will have to wait...