Dwarven Ghoul Lord The Lady who Cries Half-Elven Vampire

Blood is life, DRINK IT!


Climate/Terrain: G'henna

Frequency: Unique

Organization: Ghoul Pack

activity cicle: Night

Diet: Flesh

Intelligence: High (13)

Treasure: varies

Alignment: Neutral Evil

No Appearing: One

Armour Class: 4 (-2 Dex = 2)

Movement: 12

Hit Dice: 6 (turned as 7 Hit Dice)

T.H.A.C.0: 15 (-3 Str = 12)

number of Attacks: 3 (Claw/Claw/Bite)

Damage/Attack: 1d6 (+8 Str)Claw; 1d10(+8 Str)Bite

Special Attacks: Claw: save vs. Paralysis or unable to move for 1d6+6 rounds; bite: save vs.poison or infected by a rotting disease (1d10 damage, -1 Con, -1 Cha each day until "cure Disease" or dead.

Special Defenses: Evil Aura 30' radius:-4 to hit,-2 to fear/horror checks to Good aligned creatures Cold iron or +1 to hit

Magic Resistance: 100% vs. Invocation/Evocation only

Size: Medium (5')

Morale: 17

X.P. value: 3500 X.P.

Str: 20

Dex: 16

Con: 16

Int: 13

Wis: 14

Cha: 07

This is a Ghoul Lord as per "Ravenloft Monstruos Compendium", revised with the "Requiem" rules


Blood is life, DRINK IT!


Climate/Terrain: Dungeon beneath the Radiant Tower in Lekar

Frequency: Unique

Organization: Solitary

activity cicle: Any

Diet: Special

Intelligence: High

Treasure: None

Alignment: Neutral Evil

No Appearing: One

Armour Class: 0 (8 if in the Ethereal Plane)

Movement: 18 Flying

Hit Dice: 6

T.H.A.C.0: 15

number of Attacks: 1

Damage/Attack: Varies

Special Attacks: Drain Strenght; Spells

Special Defenses: +1 or more weapon to hit, Rejuvenation, Spells

Special Weackness: Daggers;

Magic Resistance: none

Size: Medium (5' 10")


X.P. value:

She is the Ghost of a former bard in my group, she is as beautiful as the dawn and as deadly as a vampire... She died during the adventure "Death Unchained" in the RAVENLOFT setting and, as she died in pain and anguish, she came back to haunt the place of her death (namely the dungeon under the Radiant Tower, in Lekar). Among the powers she has, she drain strenght by touch, and she can cast spells as a bard of 7th level. As she is ethereal she may pass through walls and ceilings and she may fly at will... She has the power of Rejuvenation (she may heal completely herself in 50 minutes) and has a powerful charming ability. She can, at will, charm any person she knew when she was alive (save vs. spell at-7), and she has normal charm ability regarding everybody else. She is not harmed by non magical weapons (with one exception that I will explain later) and even magical weapons damage her only for their magical pluses (i.e. a Two Handed Sword +5 does only 5 H.P.) The only exception to this are Daggers: even nonmagical daggers can harm her, doing 1d4+2 H.P., magical daggers add their bous to the damage. She is called "The Lady who Cries" because this is how she introduces herself: crying for her fate.


Blood is MY life, and I'LL DRINK YOURS!



Climate/Terrain: Any

Frequency: Very Rare

Organization: Solitary

activity cicle: 24 hours active, 24 hours inactive

Diet: Blood

Intelligence: Genius

Treasure: Varies

Alignment: Any (Evil)

No Appearing: One

Armour Class: 0

Movement: 18

Hit Dice: 8

T.H.A.C.0: 15 or per former class

number of Attacks: 1

Damage/Attack: Varies

Special Attacks: Drain Wisdom; Spell-like abilities; Charming appearance; Command Animals

Special Defenses: +1 or more weapon to hit, Regeneration(2 H.P./round if from elven master; 3 H.P./round if from human master)

Special Weackness: Holy Symbols

Magic Resistance: Varies per age category

Size: Medium


X.P. value: ?????

Half elven vampires may be of two kinds: Human or elven offsprings. These are different only in unnoticeable things: humans are a little stronger than elves (18/51 vs. 18/50) and regenerate at a slightly quicker rate. (3 H.P./round vs 2 H.P./round).

Apart for this difference Half Elven Vampires are quite "Uniformed" to a standard of race: They all are stunningly beautiful having their Charisma raised to 18 in the moment of the paggage to their new unlife (or a +2 Cha, wichever HIGHER). This unnatural beuty is the reason of their terrible charming ability: each time a P.C. loks at the vampire he must save vs. spell or be charmed; if the vampire is actually trying to charm the P.C.( looking him in the eyes) the save is made at a -2 penalty. The save is to be done once every 5 rounds

Half Elven Vampires have 30 foot infravision and night vision, and they may shapechange at will in Wild eagle form (during the day) and in Bat form (during the night), they do not have a mist form, but they can change themselves in "Fly Form" they simply become a swarm of flies (10 flies for every hit point the vampire has at his maximum) that can spread over a vast area. When an Half Elven Vampire is reduces to 0 H.P. he gets in "Fly Form" and goes to his resting place (usually a grave he dug deep in the nearest wood).

Half Elven Vampires may command 5d6 Birds of Prey, 10d10 Bats and 2d6 Wolves.

SPELL-LIKE POWERS: Half Elven Vampires may, at will, "summon innsects", "spider climb", "warp wood". Once in a 24 hours period they may "giant insect".

One of the most terrible curses of the Half Elven Vampires is that every animal they touch is instantly slain ( save vs spell at -5 or die, if the save succeeds, the animal is affected as per "harm" spell, no further saving throw).

Half Elven Vampires are turned as vampires of their age category, they are unaffected by mirrors, but are kept at bay by holy sybols and cannot cross an uninterrupted line of animal hair.

To be killed Half Elven Vampires must be impaled with a stake carved from a dog's long bone (tibia, femure), thereafter the heart is to be cut in half, one of which is to be burned in oaken wood fire, the othr one is to be buried at least 1 mile away from the corpse within 1d6+3 hours from the staking. If this is not done properly the vampire will slowly regenerate all the damage and will come back in one month.

Death comes Ripping