Music, ahhh, music: what a wonderful way to underline the pathos of the moment, But which music?

Many suggested many artists but I think there still is room enough for my two pennies...

King DiamondKing Diamond Mercyful Fate... The first rock band of King Diamond. I know, they play Heavy Metal (and many do not apprecite this kind of music), but the most beautiful one, King's voice is simply perfect to make you shiver, and the Lyrics are just what the voice promises! Songs about Darkness, Shadows, Witches, Demons, Banshees and everything is inhuman and EVIL...

I cannot let you hear their songs, here on my page, but I can let you read the lyrics and you'll find them here,just below this words. the lyrics I have here are not the complete Merciful Fate production only a few albums

VoodooThe Graveyard Another Band really cool is King Diamond. The singer of Mercyful Fate founded this group and their albums, usually concept albums, speak of madness and twisted feelings... A must!




Click on the album covers to read the Lyrics, but be Warned, King Diamond is not properly *christian*

Many thanks to Justin's Home of King Diamond for the lyrics and the images

Danzig is another Author of music whose sound is good for Ravenloft, it's a kind of horror punk, but the best album for the setting is this one:

Black Aria

There are no Lyrics in this album, only eerie MUSIC, 23 minutes of Terror!