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                                               THE CIRCLES OF INTERVENTION

The awareness that both the markets and the organizations keep on developing themselves and to modify their own demands, imposes the continuous evolution of the professional mix of the combination of our services, ample, flexible and personalized.                                                                                                                                                          The services of the Professional Associate  Study cover the greatest part of the managerial and operational problem list of the clientele. Nevertheless, based on the matured experiences and the goals of a more rational classification of the circles of professional pertinence, they can be divided and schematically exposed in the following areas:

                                                       SERVICES OFFERED 

Bookkeeping, financial, fiscal, tributary and job consultation;  
Business consultation;    
Business strategy;   
Management programmes of change;
Executive plans of management;  
Analysis of the costs of management;  
Social budgets;     
Revision and refiling balances;  
Distributive logistics;  
Organisation of sales point (outlets); 
Technology and informative systems;  
Reengineering of the business trials;  
Environmental consultation;  
Environmental budget;  
Ethical codes and normative systems;  
Investigations on the inside climate and on the customer satisfaction;  
Consultation on the safety in the work place (DDlgs 626/94 and 242/96);  
Consultation on the safety in mobile and temporary yards (Dlgs 494/97);  
  Consultation HACCP (DDlgs 155 and 156197);  
  Technical - economic consultation in agricultural and forest field;  
  Consultation for the concession of the certification of quality and editing of the relative manual;  
  Facilitated comunity, national and regional financings;  
  Formation, Search and Selection.