Andrea Carassai, born on 24 Febraury 1969, graduated in TLC Engineering near University of Ancona (Italy) - Thesis Title : "Exact and Iterative Decoding of Serial Concatenated (with feedback) Convolutional Codes "

Currently engaged in:

• ALCATEL External Cooperation for Analisys and Development of new FEC procedure for high speed digital transmission system on Optical Fiber, near ALCATEL Lab. of Milan;

• Co-Tutor of "TLC Services" and "TLC Business Management" Courses, near Electronic Engineering Faculty (University of Ancona);

• Research Activity in the field of Digital Information Transmission ( Source and Channel coding and Decoding techniques ): Turbo PCCC and SCCC codes, LDPC codes, Reed - Solomon and BCH codes, BCH product codes. Visual C++ Hard and Soft decoding Algorithm Implementations (Viterbi, MAP, BCJR, Chase, GMD, Berlekamp - Massey, Peterson, Belief Propagation) on BPSK modulation and AWGN channel;

• Modelling, animation and rendering, applied to Television, Cinematographic and Industrial Productions - 3DS Max and AW Maya Software knowledge -;

• Conceiving and Development of WEB contents ( HTML and ASP Technology );