Our CD cover

1998 is the year of the publication of our CD and the beginning of the sodality with Comune and Pro Loco of Dozza Imolese passing through our first concert in front of the famous rock.
1999 is the year of the first
choral review organized by us in Dozza, which had its second edition in 2000. This year was characterized also by our first presence on the Web!. Our site is present from April, but we think you already noticed it... This gave us other opportunities to diffuse our music.

1996 is the year of the re-foundation. We decided to take the way of a larger professionality and to have an important artistic and technical development. But this was also the moment of difficult choices, as this passed through the decision of breaking the relationships with some fellows who didn't accept these settings. This led to leaving electronic instruments (we had to accept keyboards only because a piano is not so easy to deliver!) and a refinement in the selection criteria for people demanding to be part of the band together with more self discipline.
1997 started with the participation to the XXVth Summer Choir Contest in Licciana Nardi in Tuscany, leaded on with a concert during summer initiatives by the local Council and ended with one of the more important experiences for the group: our first
CD recording. It started at the end of 1997 and lasted for part of the next year and was useful in firming the work done in the two years before.

A concert in Tuscany
An exhibition at Budrio Theater

1994 was a pregnant year too, mostly on local sites, but always in important occasions, among which we remember the exhibitions in two prestigious reviews produced respectively by AERCO and by Comune of Bologna. But, mostly, it was the year Wraj Firmino came back and remained with us till now, resuming the work interrupted almost 8 years before.
1995 saw us engaged with many exhibitions among whom the International Review of Choral Music at Caldonazzo (Tn) Castle (in the north of Italy), but mostly saw the beginning of a strong internal debate about the choices about artistic and human relationships level.

1992 was a testing year, with the insertion of new elements (among whom the “mythic” Angelo Angelini on drums, Fulvio Presti on bass and Gigi Bottazzi as vocalist) and mostly with a hard work on songs trying both to recover all the good things were born in the old experience and to personalize arrangements, retailoring them on the new formation shoulders.
1993 was the year of the big harvesting: our first self produced concert, the 2nd place at the International Choral Contest in Verona, and, mostly, our first true international experience with the participation to the Novy Bor Festival in Czech Republic. It was a fundamental moment for the group as it strengthened internal relationships and made us understand we sing and play music mostly to amuse and to get amused, but also because it gave us more artistic maturity, as we exhibited in front of a well prepared public not necessarily well disposed to our music accepting errors and incerteness.
The exceptional year leaded on with an important concert at Comunale Theater in Budrio (a small city near Bologna) and ended with an exhibition at John’s Hopkins University, during the Thanksgiving Day Party.

International Choral Contest in Verona

Relaxing on Karl bridge in Praha

Concert at Comunale Theater
in Budrio

The first exhibition after the split

The first exhibition after the split was on June 16th, 1991. We completely rebuilt the instrumental section from the scratch and enlarged the choral one. Though we could prepare only few songs, on October 4th of the same year we presented with a complete concert.
Among the new entries there was a young pianist, Michele Gardini, who soon would assume the reins, giving contribute to address the various artistic ferments into a more organic shape with his classical studies.

On February 13th, 1991 we were eight: Danilo Accorsi, Roberta Neri, Roberta Sacchetti, Bruno Matano, Maria Teresa Brintazzoli, Albamarina Cervino, Daniela Tassinari and Chiara Lelli, seven choristers and a percussionist! Mostly, we didn't have a guide, as we had it till then in a musician. But we stated the group should survive and we started making announcements searching others who wanted to keep on our adventure with us. We found also a new rehearsal hall that is our one still now.

... it was a dark and stormy night ...