Our current repertory wands from Spirituals to Gospel music, from Africa to swing, from Caribbean music to south-American rythms. All songs have been completely rearranged according to our taste and there are 4 ones totally rewritten using only original lyrics.

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That cat is high
Sixteen tons
Swing low, Sweet chariot
Tuxedo Junction
Jamaica Farewell
The lion sleeps tonight
This world is not my home
Come down angels
When the Saints go marchin' in
Nobody knows
Pata Pata
Oh Happy Day!
Go down, Moses
Sometimes I feel ...
Somebody's knockin'
When I got to Heaven
Were you there
Only Believe!
Amazin' Grace!

God is so good!

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That cat is high
That cat is high - 0:40
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This is a song written in the 40’s, we listened to in the version leaded to success by Manhattan Transfer.
Lyrics apparently tell about a “drunk cat”. But it correctly refers to a jazzman (probably Cat Anderson, a trombonist of Duke Ellington’s orchestra).
Choir arrangement is based upon 3 voices replying to the solo. Usually we play it at the beginning of our exhibitions because it gives us the charge we need to start.
The lion sleeps tonight
The lion sleeps tonight - 0:50

This is a very well known song, perhaps a too much one... So we decided to deeply modify it. We located it ideally in Africa, by means of a tribe rhythm and by inserting a short rhyme in Swahili saying:

A do
G’berena mo
Sara n’gi
Sara n’gi

This world is not my home
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This world is not my home - 1:04
With this song we preserved only the original lyrics. Music was rewritten from scratch by Wraj, our arranger/art director/writer/... TAMER.
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M. Williams
G. Weiss
Traditional/Wraj Firmino