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This site template demonstrates a simple and elegant design for a small catalog site. If you are interested in working with FileMaker Pro database connectivity, there are a number of resources included with Claris Home Page 3.0 that you can access. To learn more about the FileMaker connectivity, refer to this link.

Nova Development Art Explosion

Visit the online catalog where readers can look at the most recent products to arrive in your shop. Quickly and easily, readers can view your merchandise without visiting your store or using costly paper catalogs!

Do you know the item you would like? Order it through Web! This order form is an easy way for the user to fill in the merchandise they would like, which they can then call or fax the order in. If you would like to have the reader fill out the form and have it go directly to your FileMaker Pro database, you can with the various resources included with Claris Home Page.

Nova Development Art Explosion
Nova Development Art Explosion

Frequently Asked Questions regarding this web site. This is a great area to find out more on how we access the orders from this on line catalog are insured, shipped and guaranteed.

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