The Federalist Debate
is published three times a year and is promoted by the Jeunesse Européenne Fédéraliste (JEF), the Union Européenne des Fédéralistes (UEF) and the World Federalist Movement (WFM) under the auspices of the Einstein Center for International Studies (CESI)
Lucio Levi
Executive Editor
Stefano Roncalli
Editorial Board
Jeunesse Européenne Fédéraliste (JEF)
Laura Davis
Paolo Vacca
Elina Viilup
Union Européenne des Fédéralistes (UEF)
Philipp Agathonos
Bruno Boissière
Sergio Pistone
World Federalist Movement (WFM)
W. James Arputharaj
Keith Best
William R. Pace
Assistant to the Editor
Francesco Ferrero
Editing Staff
Grazia Borgna
Stefano Chicco
Fabio Pascarella
Anna Sarotto
Elisa Zanardi
Pier Mascanzoni
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World Federalist Movement (WFM)
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