Dear Friend,

Welcome to the first issue of The Federalist Debate since the publication's recent "facelift"; as you will have noticed, the format and contents have undergone a deep change. Further to the many suggestions that were received, we opted to take on this challenge because we feel that the European and world federalist Organisations wish to speak out in a common voice on the issue of federalism. The Federalist Debate does not aim to take the place of other existing publications but rather to encourage debate in a borderless environment.

The Federalist Debate stems also from a need to bring together federalists and members of the political, social, cultural and NGO domains that are immersed in issues of global importance, with the aim of fostering discussions on the federalist political agenda to be implemented at the continental and global level. Federalism is being championed as the only form of statehood allowing for the oneness of humankind within the respect of diversity, the only one permitting legality to prevail over the brute violence of nationalism, hence setting the scene for peace. We trust that this dialogue will lead to forms of operational convergence.

The cover of The Federalist Debate therefore shows the great regions of the world: they are the backdrop against which the federalist action will unfold in an effort to establish federal Unions, each one part of the future world federal Union. This is the framework within which European federalists are striving to build a European federal state.

Each issue of The Federalist Debate, which is due to appear every four months, will feature a collection of comments concerning events of relevance at the international level seen from the federalist viewpoint. An important part of the magazine will be dedicated to a debate, which will see federalists confront each other on a specific topic. Ample space will be given to the action that federalists are undertaking in different parts of the world. Readers are thus encouraged to keep the editorial office in Turin up to date on all newsworthy activities.

The Federalist Debate will receive its financial support through its subscriptions. This first issue opens with a subscription campaign. Readers are thus urged to subscribe to the magazine and send our editorial office in Turin the names and addresses of any institutions or organisations they know of, as well as members of the political, economic and cultural world with whom they are acquainted, who might he interested in subscribing.

The Federalist Debate