Medicina e Mediterraneo

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Medicina e Mediterraneo

Su Strategies Eumedis E-Signature in Healt





Programmes and Projects


Hygene Enviroment. Vaccinations


Childhood Under-weight new borns. Breast feeding


Cardiology Aterosclerosis, High blood pressure


Oncology Prophilaxis I.O.R.T.


Surgery Politraumatic Emergency


Neuroscience-Mental Hygene Neurological Childhood deseases Cognitive envolution


Thermalism Natural


Rehabilitation Cerebral vascular Posturology


Rheumatology Oesteoporosis


Nutritional Programmes Food assistance and substitutes


Legal Medicine Privacy Telemedicine: normative


Haematology Mediterranean Anemia


Geriatrics Getting old healthily


Dermatology Melanoma


Veterinary Public Health e Safety



Su Strategies Eumedis E-Signature in Healt