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Me, my brother Bassilns and 
my uncle George-Agiou Nikolaou Street/Patras/Greece Beach of Peribolakia with my bro-Ag.Bassilns/Greece

Beach of Peribolakia with my bro and dad-Ag.Bassilns/Greece Mom and dad-Ag.Bassilns/Greece

Playing football in my garden-Ag.Bassilns/Greece With my grandparents Yannis and Sofia-Egio/Greece

With my granmom Titika-Ag.Bassilns/Greece With my bro and my sis-Ag.Bassilns/Greece

With my friends 
Alexandros and Dionisios at Piazza del Popolo-Rome/Italy Watching sunrise-Milos/Egeo/Greece

Dinner with Basso, katerina, Apostolos at Vaniglia