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Here there are the latest news about MP3...

Tracks of freedom

Don't Discount

Paul Alofs dumps Disney for music site

Rival Hires Away Much Of AT&T Online Music Team

EFF Tunes In to Digital Music named in copyright lawsuit

RealJukebox fills computer with music

Online Music Distributor Mp3.Com To Go Public

Microsoft Gets Boost From Sony in Digital Music Wars

Sony To Sell Digital Songs In Deal With Microsoft

Grateful Dead allows Deadheads to freely trade digital versions of live recordings

Sony Makes Music with Microsoft

Grateful Dead going all the way with MP3... sort of

Microsoft, Sony Do a Music Deal

Swedish Retailer Pushes MP3

Grateful Dead lets fans swap concert recordings on the Web

Deadheads allowed to freely trade MP3s

Artists pre-release albums on Amazon

Dead grateful for MP3--with limits

Nullsoft Drops MP3 Program