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Realisation of a dream

The dream of having the presence of the ASCs in India began to become a reality when a group of 8 young Indian women from Kerala decided to join the Adorers of the Blood of Christ in 1970.

An adventure began from nothingness. They did not have a place to rest. They have taken for rent an old house, lived by spider, and all kinds of insects. But yet soon that house became a place of joy and feast. They carried in their hearts the prophesy of Maria De Mattias: "This Institute is wanted by God. He wants it for all, in all places, and in all times".

From that humble beginning they went out of their native place, Kerala to reach out to the other states building bridges of solidarity accepting the new tradition and culture: religions, language, customs and way of life.

In the beginning it seemed to be a mere dream, today it became a reality. About 50 Adorers of the Blood of Christ live and work in India.

It is that vitality that impels us to look forward, taking the risk without any fear of the future. This had been the fruit of the capacity to dream and to believe from the part of the Religious Province of Florence.

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The Adores are involved in the education services, social services, health ministry, home visits and hostel for girls.

They give particular attention to improving the position of women because it is one of the major problems in India. As ASC women they look beyond their existence as mere women to broader and brighter horizons where women take the role of hope for humanity irrespective of caste, creed and colour.

From the beginning of the Foundation in India, until now they have been followed very closely by all the Provincial Superiors of the Florence Province through their visits, circulars, phone calls prayers and finance.

Today all of us ASCs can give thanks to the infinite mercy of God for He has placed in our fragile hands the fecundity of His Spirit.

God is always faithful. He guides our projects and bring them to its fulfilment, He continues to bless this "dream", which is rooted solidly in the Blood of Christ.


Sr. Anna Maria Vissani, ASC

Provincial Superior


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