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Florence Nightingale (Florence, Villa La Colombaia 1823 – London 1910), was a British nurse and benefactor. She worked as a volunteer during the War in Crimea, organizing in a very efficient and rational way health services for the sick and injured. In 1856, she returned to Great Britain and, with the funds gained as acknowledgment for her service in Crimea, she founded a nursing school. This was the beginning of professional nurses’ training. Among her writings are to be remembered Notes on Hospitals (1859) and Notes on Nursing (1860).

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Florence Nightingale and Maria De Mattias, contemporaries, are different but similar about their readiness and their dedication to other people.

Both of these women followed a spiritual path in service to others with fortitude; they were indefatigable to lighten human sufferings and to promote better living conditions. They were consumed in their inner being by a special fire, which drove them to be prophetesses, and to be bold in their actions.

So the love of God was carried out by turning to follow human beings with love.

We Adorers of the Blood of Christ, as heiresses of this great example, are called to tread in their bright footsteps, everyday.


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La Colombaia in un dipinto del 16 secolo




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