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     AGM Elettronica develops, manufactures and markets custom built products and is a leader of the italian market of fault locators for the cable manufacturers. 

  Since 1985 AGM  has provided  products with industry breakthroughs in reliability, ease of use and cost.

  AGM Elettronica is constantly  working on the design of new  products and  rigorously invests in the research and development of those technological solutions  that will allow its products to be appreciated  by the best cable manufacturers in the world.


 A sample of some AGM's customers:

 Alcatel Cavi, Alfa Cavi, Ariston Cavi, 
 BICCGeneral Ceat Cavi, Camuna Cavi,
 Cavinord, Deltasider, Fondedile, GRC Cavi,
 General Cavi, ICC, ICEL, Italsonda,
 La Triveneta Cavi, Nexans, Nuova SKF,  Mantovani & Serazzi, Patelec Cordoni e Cavi,
 Pirelli Cavi,  Pirelli Cavi Speciali, Plasticavi
 Italiana, Red Cavi, Teleco Cavi, Telecom Italia,  Tratos Cavi, Union Cavi, Università degli Studi
 di Napoli, Video Cavi, Volos Cables

Final testing and calibration

AGM Elettronica - via San Sebastiano, 3
80054 Gragnano (NA) - Italy
Tel +39 333 4288922
Fax +39 081 8012054
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