"Su Niu de S'Achili "


represent one narrow connection between the past and the present in the Gerrei. Values, traditions and culture come rediscover and valorized, maintaining solid bonds with the tied up beginnings to the earth, to the cultivations, to the respect of the nature, natural font of continuity in the follow of the seasons, of the colors, of the fruits.

The cooperative, present until from the years eighty, door ahead a challenge born from the love for the native place. In 400 hectares of woods and uncontaminated green, the Firm "Su Niu de S' Achili" has succeeded, with the safeguard and the amelioration of the naturalistic patrimony to behavior one that thousands of farm holidays, naturalists and lovers of the nature, they could share all this.

Placed in rustic and absorbed environments in the green, they around 200 guests will taste excellent menu whose ingredients originate from crops and biological breedings. Aromatic grasses spontaneous they make the recipe still tastier and savories.


The territory offers numerous occasions of tourist and historical interest. From don't lose "Pranu Mutteddu," complex of menhir; the nuraghe of Goni and the Domus Janas de "On Cranku"; the sacred well "Funtana Coberta" and the castle of Sassai.

The Sarrabus-Gerrei is the Sardinian richer territory than noble game:it understands mouflons, fallow deer and wild boars. In the firm farm holiday is possible see foxes, rich, rabbits and hares; the eagles, the hawks and the kestrels.

It of notable environmental importance is the recovery of the fallow deer that to "Su Niu de S' Achili" they have found again their natural habitat and they have raised and parish priests with attention.

In all the area of the Cooperative could be practised the trekking to feet, to horse or in mountain-bike. In these woods besides withered an along it deals with Italy Path.