The Agriturismo  

"Su Niu de S'Achili"

(The nest of the eagle)


 you offers the possibility to around 200 guests of taste excellent mený constituted from a rich choice of products of the firm, from the cheese to the meat, from the appetizers to the contours, cooked always according to the local traditions, for allow to the guests from taste all the specialties of the zone.

Beyond to the service of refresh....


  it prepare and commercialize sour-alimentary biological tied up products to the nature and to the gastronomic Sardinian tradition.


The nature, beloved and respected, it offers pleasant surprises. From the refined use of the natural essences and they from the correct dosing of the prepared bear "grappa", liqueurs, marmalades and jams, honey of different aromas and products officinal that gets a correct like and damage harmony and comfort to our body.

- HONEY- Thank you to the job of the bees, in an uncontaminated and genuine environment and to the techniques of traditional workmanship of the Gerrei, they bear the Honeys of different types. Elicriso, arbutus, asphodel for taste genuine tastes, discover the virtues and that particular taste of the earth from Sardinia.

-THE LIQUEUR OF THE NATURE- Only in a genuine environment, the active beginnings of the plants maintain the virtues and that unique aroma, that it remember the spend of the time. With the traditional liquor technical of the people of the Gerrei, they bear of the digestive liqueurs, pleasant in the taste and from the qualities unique .

-THE JAMS-  With the fruits selected of the stain Mediterranean, worked with the traditional techniques of the zone, the Cooperative causes and commercializes of the jams that contain all the taste and the aromas of an uncontaminated nature. The genuine freshness and the tall quality of the product carry rich jams of taste and greediness on the table.

The products "Su Niu de S' Achili" has all the ownerships of the nature and that particular taste of the Sardinian Earth that only the sun and the aromas of the stain Mediterranean could give. Perfumes and important aromas for the Cooperative as the culture and the traditions, that harmoniously tied up, damage life to offered products hoping to behavior pleasant thing.