Welcome to the *Unofficial* DivXripper Project page.


Project survived?

I dont' know. I'm only a man who appreciate the work of 'Hellstorm' that's the original mind, official author and the current mantainer of the DivXripper project.

It seems he hasn't much time to work on, so I'm trying to enjoy myself tuning the source three and "completing" the work.

For now I'm not intended to release my own source because I'm waiting an answer from Hellstorm regarding What does he thinks about and if he would like to let me be the mantainer of the DivXripper project.

Very Important Question (V.I.Q.) ;-) Who am I? ---> Gi0bbE

- Intro from the Official DivXripper Project -

DivXripper is a GPLed program to convert files from MPEG to AVI using the DivX ;-) Codec under the Linux Operating System. It also has a very simple player, but right now it sucks a lot !!

It uses libmpeg3 to decode MPEG2 files and avifile to build and encode AVI files with DivX ;-) codec.

To build this program i have taken ideas and some code from various programs: xmovie, vcr and specially mpeg2divx. Thanx to all of you !!

I started this project when i tested mpeg2divx and it lacked some features i wanted. Now it has these features, but meanwhile i have had some fun coding my program :-)

This project is in a very initial stage, so now i need lots of beta-testers !!



I hope I'll make the source tarball or Patch available as soon as possible.
Current Unofficial stable version is 0.1.5.
Latest Official stable version is 0.1.3

Changelog for the 0.1.5 can be found here

You will need SDL libd>=1.1.5 and avifile (alternative link) >0.53.5

Known Bugs