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visiting N.Y. Born in 1929 in Oggiogno, a small mountain village facing lago Maggiore, which was an important source of aesthetic emotion and inspiration. Even before starting to learn writing, I felt the need to express myself with drawing. When at school, I was frustrated by a teacher who believed my art pieces not to be adequate to my young age. However my interest into everything that could help me to grow and refine my art skills was naturally increasing.

While attending classical studies I had to take care of myself, working as bricklayer, farm-worker, woodcutter, male nurse, bank clerk. My art school was made of museums, galleries, domestic and international exhibitions, which I visited along years.

My inspiration source, contributing to enhance my emotional sensitivity, thus helping me to choose my art themes were:
the plastic and incisive force of Caravaggio, the graceful and flowing motion of Dega's ballerinas, the delicate and elegant sensitivity in Boldini's female figures.
The masters who gave me teachings were: Enrico Felisari (Castelleone), Mario Acerbi (Pavia), Dino Zampogna (Milano).
In 1963 I made my first exhibition (of many personal and group exhibitions in Italy, France, Germany, Austria, United States, Switzerland), attracting the interest of the international art reviewers, who defined me as the painter of feminine joy and charm.
I do not neglect other themes: landscapes, still life, floral.