The first time I saw and heard a Chapman Stick, I thought: I want that instrument, that's the future in music! and when I witnessed the Bela Fleck's show with Roy "Futureman" Wooten playing drums on his modified Synthaxe, I realized that I could mix my two main instrumental attitudes: Drums&Bass. So I decided to choose for a new Chapman Stick-Bass and I'm completely satisfied with it. Being a bass player and a drummer I could easily put my hands on my new beautiful Tarara wood SB8 just from the very first day: stringspacing, string tuning and string gauges are close to my custom 5-string bass (even same brand of pickup: EMG!) so I can switch to the new world and going back to my bass baby, I have only to carry one more tiny case with me! The SB8 is the "trade d'union" between the two worlds and I can assure that it isn't a small brother of the 10 or 12 string: you can pound intricate bass-lines and upper register counter-melodies, plus chords and a lot more; basically you're on a completely new world ahead to discover... but you have a map of it!



The Stick-Bass is an 8-string instrument tuned BEADGCBb with a stereo (5+3) output. I asked mr. Chapman to install also a custom Roland GK-2A midi pickup that drives my midi outboard: a Roland GR-30 (guitar midi converter/synthesizer), an Akai S3000 and Roland S-550 Samplers, a Yamaha R100 digital reverb. On stage I'm using an Hartke 120W kickback combo with 12" aluminum cone.So my outputs are: lowest 5 strings (as bass), and upper 3 strings (as guitar) from the Stick's pickup 2 outputs, and (via midi) the expanders' L/R outputs routed to a Behringer MX602A mixer. I also use a Korg AX1000 pedal board to shape and give effects to the Stick's sound.


Emmett Chapman & me
(Chapman's house, Woodland Hills CA)


Splendore Live!
(Virna Splendore, Andrea Moneta, Roberto Fiorucci)

What a Stick grouping!
(Greg Howard, Andrea Moneta, Tony Levin, Bob Culbertson)

Tony Levin & me
(2001 Stick Seminar in Milan)

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