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Alfred ( Sep 15, 1995

Good work,guy. I`m proud of you. See you soon.

Torey L. Lightcap ( Sept 27, 1995

Looks like a nice job on the Psycho home page so far.
Thanks for providing that valuable resource.

Torey L. Lightcap ( Oct 5,1995

Pleased to see your pages growing, especially on an area widely neglected by the creators of the Web--that is, serious film scholarship.
Keep up the great work.

Daniel Fisher ( ) Oct 13,1995

Awesome, insightful, everything a "Psycho" fan could ask for.

Jen ( ) Oct 24,1995

Thanks for the info I needed (ie. stars names)the night before a review of Psycho was due!! ( ) Oct 28,1995

Great page man!

Michael James ( ) Oct 29,1995

the most comprehensive psycho homepage that exists!

Scott Burg ( ) Oct 31,1995

Andrea, great job, I love your site. Keep it up!

Roberta ( ) Nov 1,1995

Wow! What a great place! Just think...I found it on Halloween! Psycho is one of my most favorite films and the film I've seen the most times in my life. Thanks for allowing all us "Psycho-nuts" this place to pay tribute to this wonderful, classic film!

Rebecca Blume (Rebecca.Blume@Colorado.EDU ) Nov 1,1995


Megan Moffatt ( ) Nov 3,1995

Loads of info! Awesome page!!! We learned Tons!!!

Kay Martha Quittan ( ) Nov 13,1995


Antonio ( ) Nov 26,1995

WOW !!! Quando io riuscirņ a fare un lavoro come il tuo...
Ma quando riuscirņ ? Nov 26,1995

I think it is wonderful that someone took the time to create a Psycho Web Page. You are surely the most adventurous Genoese since Columbus.

I look forward to additions to this page. Inspire us, please, like Apollo.

Geoff Malta ( ) Dec 4,1995

Great site, Andrea! Your dedication and hard work is showing through your wonderful site! Grazie!

Clint Brooks ( ) Dec 5,1995

Definitely worth a link.

Daddy ( ) Dec 5,1995

Happy 19th Birthday, Andrea.

Keep it up.

Peter Stefun ( ) Dec 7,1995

This pages are COOL!!! You did a great job.

Glen Johnson ( Jan 26,1996

My students at the Catholic University of America in Washington are studying PSYCHO, and we have used your Psycho home page in class. It is quite informative (though the English translations are a bit weird at times!)


JTPA e-mail ( 18 Apr 1996

I think that it is very creative, and had to come from the mind of a talented person.

Ben Cook ( 30 Apr 1996

I didn`t like it because it is boring!

Joanna Stevens ( 05 May 1996

If you thought Robin`s paper was good you should see mine!

Carlo Clerici( 20 Jun 1996


THE B O S S BBS ( 27 Sept 1996

Your Doing A-OK ... Keep - Up the Great InPut !

Dan Kennedy( 13 Oct 1996

I have seen over 500 horror movies, but Psycho was one of the only ones that truly scared me. I couldn't sleep after it.

Psycho( 13 Oct 1996

I love the shower!!!! HARHARHARHAR.. ..hah.

Laura Marie( 13 Oct 1996

Wow! Awesome page. Ever since I studied Hitchcock's classic in a film class, it's been a favorite. Thanks for making this page for all of us "Psycho" fans... young and old. You've done a great job... keep it up- It's one of my links on my page.

Kimberly Nething( 19 Mar 1997

This PSYCHO page happens to be the BEST page that I have ever visited.I'm so glad that such a great page exist for my favorite movie.I don't think it can possibly get any better than it already is.

Suzanne( 19 Mar 1997

This sit is so freaking cool! It's everything a "Psycho" fan could ask for!! my rating= A+++++++++

Dan The Man( 11 Jun 1997

Kudos! Great page, great pictures, great EVERYTHING!!!!! Keep it up.

Cera J ( 22 Jun 1997

Just thought i'd mention that i noticed the shadow on the
bed while she was getting dressed also. I wondered about that.
well i guess it kind of gives the movie more character.

It's wonderful.

Norman Bates ( 3 Jul 1997

It kicks ass.

Sandrene Mathews( 4 Jun 1997

Of all the pages I've seen on Hitchcock and his films, this is one of the few that come close to relaying the experience of Psycho!

Arron Walters 22 Jul 1997

Great Job, Never shower alone,that goes double in hotels!!!

Sandrene Mathews( 4 Jun 1997

Of all the pages I've seen on Hitchcock and his films, this is one of the few that come close to relaying the experience of Psycho!

Mabel Martinez ( 11 Aug 1997

I think your PSYCHO Home Page is just great. Continue with your work, master...

Psyco Killer ( 11 Aug 1997

Dant,dant,dant Norrrmannnnn! I luv you man!

Thomas Reilly ( 25 Aug 1997

Like your site! Psycho was a fantastic movie! I saw it in 1960 when it first appeared and, believe me, it was a terrifying movie, especially then before the onslaught of horror movies in the 70s and 80s. The audience literally screamed in terror when Martin Balsam is killed and the picture of Norman Bates superimposed on a skull at the end of the movie is haunting. I must have re-watched this movie thirty times know every scene and bit of dialogue by heart. It's true that there were people who, after seeing Janet Leigh knifed to death, refused to draw a shower curtain closed again!! A Hitchcock masterpiece!

Cheryl K ( 27 Aug 1997

I think that almost all of Hitchcocks movies were great. And I loved his TV show..He was a great man to come up with all that he did...

Marion Crane 1 Oct 1997

It's awsome !!!!!!!!----GET A LIFE
(dont you have anything better to do with your time)

Mother 1 Oct 1997

Norman Get Me out of This Damn Fruit Cellar and Put me in
my room, NOW NORMAN NOW!!! OR Eles it curtans for you
Just like Marian Crane, NOW NORMAN NOW!!!

Danielle Gusto ( 2 Oct 1997

Alfred Hithcock is a master of suspense. Even though I'm a very stable person when my friend and I watched "mother" turn into Norman Bates we screamed so loud it could of woke the dead.

Daniela Scirea ( 22 Dec 1997

Che Brutto!!!