DOWNLOAD:  DAMTAPE_b5-WINDOWS  (155k)  09.09.2004

                                to run DamTape_b5win you could need 

                        the freeware-Visual Basic Runtimes Libraries 6.0

                        download them from HERE or HERE and install.

                         -----     -----     -----     -----     -----     -----     -----     -----     -----

DOWNLOAD:  DAMTAPE main/extra functions b4 -DOS(82 k)         05.01.2004

DOWNLOAD:   (53k) 

DOWNLOAD:  "Info"   and  "step by step instructions" in english or italian.


                                                               --OTHER SOFTWARE--

DOWNLOAD: FILE MULTI VIEWER  2.0 (48K) 03.2004 a tool to look into and modify spectrum  files.

DOWNLOAD: MDR2TAP b2 (31K)     02.2004 tool to convert microdrive cartridge (file.mdr) to.tap file        

                                                                 --MICRO SOFTWARE--

DOWNLOAD: MIXAFILE   (24k)   03.2004 file chainer.