The following genealogical trees have been constructed with a program

by Morten Salthe from Norway  (Gendesigner 2.0 beta 36).

They contain  (at the end of year 2000, but it is always

under construction, enlargement and improvement)

the genealogy of  105 families with 10,000  individuals originated

in Vigezzo Valley. This Valley is situated in North Italy near to Switzerland.

This work lasted 24 months, and it was made in order to show

to the world the importance of people who live on the mountains (Alps).

The entire construction contains about  20,100 files which produce 20,000 pages on the Web.

For uploading all these files (that means 60 Mb of space) the author used a program

called Cute FTP 4.2 from Globalscape in Texas (USA).

Malesco, United Europe (Italy), September 2001