13. December 2001

Darling Sophe Love! We have known each other for nine months now, and have had a lot of fun together, and I am so happy you proposed, because I myself would not have had the courage to ask such a fine girl like yourself. You are probably too good for me, but hey, that's my good fortune! Let this day be a happy one, for us, and for all our guests!
Dear Alberto, I have dreamt of you, I have longed for you, and I love you my handsome Man! As the humans are together for the rest of their 1 life, I want to be with you all my 9. All I am thinking of is you and nobody but you - soon we'll be together not only on the net but also in our soul and heart. You can always count on me - no matter what happens, and you can always trust me with anything you wish to share with me. Please my dearest handsome Man, let me love you until our 9 lives push us into Cats' Heaven and then we'll love and be together for the rest of the universe! Peace and much love.

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