ORPHEUS photo-reconnaissance pod
for Italian F-104G and AMX

1:72 scale Art.No.72904
This is the Italian-developed version of a Dutch photo reconnaissance pod that entered use in 1977 with the I.A.F., in order to expand capabilities of the RF-104G in this role. 

Remarkable essays of its efficience were experienced while collecting damage informations after heavy floods or earthquakes in Italy, and when in 1992 some Italian F-104Gs operated from Turkish airbases in northern Irak within the "Provide Comfort" operation, they used ORPHEUS pods to perform reconnaissance missions on behalf of the UNO monitor officiers. 
When the honorable career with these vintage F-104Gs ended, the ORPHEUS pod was inherited By the Alenia AMXs delivered to replace it.
Also during the Kosovo war some of the Italian AMXs performed quick and efficient post-strike reconaissance missions equipped with Orpheus pods.

This accessory is suitable for any 1/72 scale Lockheed F-104G kit and for the Aeroclub ® or Cunarmodel ® AMX

Parts included are:

  • one piece resin pod
  • stenciling decals
Price € 8.- plus shipping.

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