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By Thomas Schall

Gianoncelli -Tasteggiata, corrente, Balletto primo,and more... -Tab

From: "Suonate di Celebri Auttori per l'Arcileuto Francese" by Filippo Dalla Casa

By Thomas Schall

Sandoni -Sonata per arciliuto francese(Archlute)-Fronimo

Grave per arciliuto francese del Sig Napolitano (Baroque)-PDF

By Giuliano Leoni

Cooncerto del Signor NN Napolitano-Grave-(Archlute)-stw

Cooncerto del Signor NN Napolitano-Allegro(Archlute)-stw

Pietro Giuseppe Sandoni-Suonata (Archlute)-stw

Pietro Giuseppe Sandoni-Suonata (Archlute)-tab

Pietro Giuseppe Sandoni-Suonata (Baroque lute)-stw

Pietro Giuseppe Sandoni-Suonata (Baroque lute)-tab

Pietro Giuseppe Sandoni-Suonata -MIDI

Giuliano Leoni is kindly sharing his work with anybody interested. If you would like to have other formats, just ask.

Filippo Dalla Casa-Suonata (Arch.)

Filippo Dalla Casa-grave (Arch.)

Filippo Dalla Casa-giga (Arch.)

Lodovico Fontanelli- Trio (Arch.)

N.B.The Baroque lute files do not have the best positions for the instrument-any help?-

By Taco Walstra

Sonata (Dalla Casa)-pag67-tab

Sonata (Dalla Casa)-pag80-tab

Sonata (Dalla Casa)-pag80-wlk

Sonata (Dalla Casa)-pag80-midi

Sonata (Dalla Casa)-pag80-wlk-Baroque lute

By Arto Wikla

Sonata (Dalla Casa)-pag.56-57-gif (120kb)

By Matti Kohopää

Sonata (Dalla Casa)-pag59-75-gif (27kb)

This image is not very good, owing to technical problems- Anybody willing to send a new version?

Joplin: the entertainer (Renaiss. lute)-stw-

Joplin: the entertainer (Renaiss. lute)- tab-

Joplin: le jongleur (Renaiss. lute)-tab-

John Johnson- Almain XII(Renaiss. lute)-tab-

By Lino Messina

Cimarosa- Larghetto (pdf -Italian Tab)

Cimarosa- Larghetto (pdf -French Tab)

An electronic tuner, by Marco, only 152kb, which can also be found at

Wtune - no need to install, just download it and double click)

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